Wanderly Mobile Application


Wanderly Mobile Application

An Overview

Wanderly is an online platform where you can create or find best trips around the Philippines but will do also worldwide that you can try & enjoy. Trips that are created by the traveler for travelers. Wanderly concepts are like carpooling where everyone shares with the expenses, itineraries and more. Patrick one of the founder of Wanderly also one of my previous code buddy on hackathons request a UI Design for this project.

The concepts and idea were already started by Patrick which is he already has an existing mobile app developed and just using a generic UI of react native. Here is some preview from what Patrick started.

The Problem

The existing layout was using a generic ui of both android and iOS and He want to Improve the UI Design of the existing layouts with a minimalist and align with the branding.


Aside on improvement, Create a simple login and register flow, a full guide to creating trips. part of the goal was the trip details which travelers can view who is organizer and joiners of that trips.

Mobile Screen

Wanderly Mobile Application