Siglo Mobile Application

Siglo Mobile Application

An Overview

Siglo’s mobile app is an integrated e-payment ecosystem that revolves around prepaid mobile reloading services. It also collects and organizes data in order to provide Filipinos with better access to capital, opportunities, and information. This platform, coupled with technology-based education and training further equips the countrymen with the right tools to create and take opportunities not only for themselves but also for others.

Siglo is an Startup base in Manila, Philippines. At this moment they only support the Android Phone but soon they will also release a iOS Application.

The Challenge

One of my main challenge for Siglo was the re-branding their business from visual presentation up to improvement of website, flyers, manuals, social media visual and other print materials but I will share and focusing a lot with their mobile application. The mobile application is so simple to use from SMS text base into Mobile Application with a minimal features.


The goals was to make design of mobile application with a least a support of mid-range smartphone phone. And get things done in a fewer steps or taps. just like from this image below. In their SMS you need only to text the keyword.

Old way of siglo


User flow

Sketches & Wireframe

The low fidelity wireframe are on-going due of my previous laptop was corrupted without a backup.


Mobile Screen & Prototype

I was using InVision last few months for prototyping this mobile apps but due of I need my InVision Account since i'm using a starter plan. I decided to move the prototype to Marvel App. I also show some screen which almost same.

Siglo Mobile Application