About Me

I’m Ericson Luciano, a UI designer and Front-end Developer from Manila who designing for digital products. I have a broad range of experience creating a user-friendly design from concepts to implementation on multiple platforms. I can proudly say I’m a self-taught designer who's passionate about learning with the help of different communities.

When I’m not working I enjoy attending Indie gigs, reading books and volunteering at Developers Connect (DevCon). Currently, I’m exploring design thinking, user experience (research and testing), iOS Development (Swift and React Native),and react.js.

Previously I was working at Agentbox as a User Interface Designer, now I’m working in one of private company in Philippines but i'm open for freelance project opportunities.


  • User Interface Design

  • Front-end Development

  • Ruby on Rails Development

  • Mobile Application Design


  • Sketch / Adobe CC

  • Balsamiq

  • InVision / Marvel

  • Zeplin

  • Trello / Jira / Notion

My Process

Plan & Research

1. Plan & Research

I start with a plan and research like understand the projects and the business then set a user’s goals. Ask stakeholders as much as possible.

Design & Development

2. Design & Development

Execution starts with sketches, design and then do a prototyping to gather feedback from users until you validate the assumptions of the user.

Refine & Iteration

3. Refine & Iteration

Refine from feedback and do as much iteration as is necessary for the improvement of the product is evident. Do at least an A/B and guerilla testing.

Let's Talk

Want to get in touch or talk about an interesting project? Or want to have a grab coffee with me? You can email me at hello@ericsonluciano.com or connect with online. Cheers!